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  1. I have ben having emotional problems since 1982, in 1083 a doctor in Mexico prescribed Amithryptiline, which help me until 2008. Since June2009 I have had horrible anxiety and depression I have taken several medicines, but not one has help. I am on amithriptyline again and it seems it has help a little. My Bible Study teacher tells me I don’t get well because I don’t trust God, My doctor tells me anxiety and depression is a sickness like any other sickness, what ever it is I am suffering. I read the Bible everyday, I read promises in the Bible. I live alone, my husband has dementia and is in an adult family home. I am Mexican so I don’t have family around my sons and their family live kind of close but not close enough I see them for a while once or twice a week.
    Thank you. God bless you I am glad that your healed.


    • Hi Jacinta,

      Thanks for leaving a message. I can tell you – I don’t understand anxiety/depression but I do believe as Believers we are constantly in a war. The good news is – Jesus has won the war already. We live in a broken world and therefore on this side of eternity we do experience battles but I don’t believe that God ever leaves us or forsakes us because He said so and He cannot lie. I don’t think you’re suffering because you don’t trust God enough. I suffered in the midst of being very close to God. I was very confused as to why God would let something so horrible happen to me but decided to start looking for His direction in the midst of my suffering. He uncovered a lot of buried bitterness and sadness that was in my heart. It was a painful journey but I am now healed BEYOND just being healed from anxiety/depression. I am healed in my heart from a lot of other deep rooted issues because He allowed me to suffer and find healing. Hang in there! If you’re on Facebook I’d love to add you to a support group that I have on there. It’s a private group of women that encourage one another.




  2. Thank you so very much I joined facebook but I don’t know how to work it, my children and grandchildren do not live close enough to me so they will teach me. May be sometime when they have time can come and help me, I would love to be in your support group.
    Love and great blessings.


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