It is always an honor and privilege to share with any size group. Whether one on one or a room full of people, it would seriously be my pleasure. Although I would consider speaking on another topic, below are the topics I am most passionate about:

Addiction From The Trenches: Telling the story from the front lines. A day in the life of a Treatment Admissions Manager. 

  • This topic allows me to share a perspective from the “inside”. We see the war on addiction every day.  Our phones ring non-stop with people reaching out for help.
  • I also have access to true warriors who have overcome addiction themselves. Their stories are remarkable and filled with hope. If you would like to hear from a person who has experienced drug addiction, treatment and a life after addiction, we can arrange for a guest speaker to share their story.
  • There are many other specific topics from the trenches.  We can discuss details to tailor the topic to your specific event/audience.

Boundaries: How to take back your life by setting appropriate boundaries.

  • Everyone who knows me, knows that setting appropriate boundaries was the first step I had to take in order to break free from codependency and toxic relationships. I could not grow until I had the courage to set boundaries.
  • I offer an 8 week course on boundaries (for free!) and thoroughly enjoy sharing this topic with folks who are stuck in their lives.

Pressing Forward: My journey of pressing forward through fear

  • I love the topic of fear! We can go many different directions with this topic.
  • How I spent a year suffering from anxiety and depression and what I did to walk in my freedom. No more anxiety and depression!
  • People-pleasing #AintNobodyGotTime.
  • Fear of death
  • Fear of life
  • Fear of pretty much anything and everything.
  • Suicidal ideations, a plan, and execution. During my season I had my own battle with suicidal thoughts. I offer a fresh perspective on how to deal with a suicidal loved one.  Being in the behavioral health world, I’ve also seen people take the next steps – a plan and/or, unfortunately, execution.  I work with trained professionals who can help identify warning signs of suicide, dealing with grief from suicide, and preventative measures that can be taken to help those who are silently crying out for help.

Let’s discuss more topics. What are you thinking we should share? I’ll let you know if I can talk about it (if I know what I’m talking about).

Don’t need my voice, just my writing? I am ALWAYS honored to be a guest blogger.  Would you like to share one of my posts on your site? Would you rather me write a new post to share?

Let’s discuss the details!

You can contact me at aprilpoynter@gmail.com