The Truth Will Set You Free – But First, Piss You Off.

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I’ve found that people don’t want to hear the truth. They want to hear what makes them feel good.

The book I’m working on right now is not a feel-good book. It’s a truth book. It’s written for those who want to be challenged in order to grow.

It’s written for those who have been waiting a long time for someone to love them enough to hurt their feelings.

It’s written to stretch folks and wake them up to the life they are missing.

The truth will certainly set you free – but first, it’s gonna piss you off.
Excited for this new book.

Coming in 2020.

Permission To Feel


Lately, I’ve found myself giving me permission to feel.

In the midst of holding my breath, reminding myself to breathe.

Tears keep coming to the surface but quickly vanish when I try to connect to what they may mean.

So, I find myself in line at the grocery store silently saying to myself, “It’s okay to feel this way. These feelings are yours and there is nothing wrong with them- and there’s nothing wrong with you for feeling them.”

Then I breathe. And I focus on connecting with that breath even though it feels hard and not fluid at all.

You ever have those moments when all you aspire to be feels like it’s sitting right there with you?

Like, it’s so close you can touch it. But it’s not on the outside of you. It’s that untapped potential dwelling inside.

Softly knocking.

Gently nudging.

Reminding you that you are one with it. Pieces of the puzzle are laid out but the full picture hasn’t quite come in sight yet.

Trying to talk through it doesn’t help. People don’t get it. They try to fix it. Or speak to it. Or relate.

Sometimes I have so much to say but no words show up.

Only feelings.

I tend to dive deep into the human psyche. Scraping across the bottom of feelings and revealing treasures with words.

Until there are no words available to paint the picture.

Only feelings.

Feelings that are okay to feel.

Even if you have to give yourself permission.

My goodness, we are fickle. If we could easily solve our problems- we would.

If we could easily stop running back to toxic relationships- we would.

If we could value our worth and use our voice (even if it cost us everything)- we would.

Being human is complex. And no one has your answer for you. No one can fix for you whatever you find broken.


Only you hold that power.

And it’s sitting among those feelings.

And that breath you need to release.

Keep pressing forward.

Keep feeling.

Keep breathing.

You are capable of so much more

You are capable of so much more than you allow yourself to believe. Your playing small does nothing for no one. In fact, it robs the world from treasures that only you can give. You may possess something that unlocks power in me. I’m tellin’ you right now… I’m pissed off if you hold that back from me!

We ignite each other. When we heal, we heal others – by showing them healing is possible. It’s not your job to actually heal someone else… it’s your job to heal your own wounds. That’s what gives others permission to heal.

And that’s the beauty in it all. There’s no pressure. Or obligation. Or need for performance. No need to pretend.

Yeah. We’re messy. But we’re not broken.

You are not broken.

You are not lacking – needing something out there to make you whole.

The more you look “out there”, the more you miss “in here”… in you.

Freedom is in the mystery. Freedom resides on the other side of scary shit. Stop running away from what’s scary. You can do hard things. You are capable of conquering what scares you.

You are capable of so much more than you allow yourself to believe.

Rewrite your thoughts. Tell a new story.

You’re worth it. And we need you — all of you. Not just the “good” parts. All of you.

Come Out Of Hiding

Another early morning writing session. The words weren’t flowing smoothly this morning… but that’s okay.

Sometimes it’s sitting quietly with your thoughts- that’s where beautiful words are nourished.

“I’ve learned that running only gives you a false sense of protection. It isolates you and turns you into a cynic. Cynicism corrodes your heart. It shades and thwarts the lens through which we see and operate in the world. You wind up lonely. Pissy. Wounded. And more fucked up than ever. The desire to avoid pain from others still gets on you. There’s no way around it.

So I came out of hiding. I started talking and connecting with the humans around me and something beautiful happened. I realized we are all just wanting connection. We want someone to care. We want someone to see us. I don’t think most people truly want to hurt those around them, they just don’t know how to be responsible with the power of love and therefore they make a mess of things.”

Explore The Pain

Explore the pain. Dive into the shadow. Feel the fear. Press forward.

Freedom is in the mystery.

That limitless, boundless, black hole of unknown- the place where anxiety makes you sick to your stomach…. is also the place where freedom lives.

You resist the fear. You brace for impact from the anxiety- and you overlook the freedom, right there, instructing you to breathe and move through it. Encouraging you and cheering you on.

Just ‘cause it’s always been this way… doesn’t mean it has to stay this way.

Release Them.

Release them.

Whoever you’re mad at.

Whoever hurt you.

Whoever let you down.

Release them.

The expectations you’re disappointed by –

The unfulfilled promises.

The hurt.

Release them.

By releasing them … you release you.

You were never meant to be bound. You are too expansive to be held captive.

It’s time to move on.

It’s time to be free.

And freedom is yours for the taking. But you can’t have it and hold on to them. Release them. Choose freedom.

You’re worth it.

Oh, so worth it.

The Sidelines Are Not Safe

Safe on the sidelines has never been my jam.

Nothing against those who choose to “play it safe” in the box of comfort and control—- but you won’t find me there.

I tried. It wasn’t for me. I wasn’t happy there. I felt I was forcing myself to stay. I was constantly talking myself out of freedom- assuring myself that “safe” was where I belonged.



Not for me.

“Safe” is an illusion.

“Control” is an illusion.

I’d rather tell myself the truth and therefore see the truth.

Break down these mental walls that I was taught would keep me safe.

Staying safe is why you’re not happy and fulfilled.

You were fed a lie and you ate it up.

And now you’re too scared to venture too far out into the water. Afraid that when your feet no longer touch the bottom- that’s when you’ve lost control.

No, my friend. When your feet no longer touch the bottom- that’s when you’ve found freedom.

Come on in. The water is fine.