Which Chapter Is This?

Just wanted to drop a quick post –

God is revealing SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to me – mostly about me. Do you know how I know God is convicting me? Because it opens my eyes to the truth in such a gentle way.

There is so much I never knew about myself that I am all of a sudden discovering.

I am also challenged and relieved by the true meaning of grace. It just seems too good to be true… but it is true. That leaves me speechless.

I start a new job on June 20th at Inova Payroll in Nashville. One of my old bosses literally came out of the ‘blue’ and told me about a new position and before I knew it I was receiving an offer letter.

There is peace over this new chapter in our lives. Tony, me, and Trinity are stoked!

For some reason every time I pull this blog up to write I can think of SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many things to write about – so much that has happened over the past few months and although I can explain them in person I just can’t seem to type the details here. Hmmm… interesting.

So anywho –

Blessings over you, friends!

Sinking in His grace,



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