If there is anything I’ve learned from folks battling active addiction or those who are standing firm in recovery, it’s that we’re all battling something. Some of our addictions are more socially acceptable than others.

For me, I’m in recovery from people-pleasing, perfectionism, and performance.

I once looked at people battling addiction as ‘those people’ until I worked with people who were held captive by addiction in their past. Talk about eating humble pie.

My name is April. I love me some Jesus. I’m navigating how to love people that irk my nerves.

My pharisaical – self righteous – judgmental goggles were shattered once I had the opportunity to step onto the front lines, down in the trenches as I like to call it. I link arms with true soldiers every day who voluntarily walk down into the valley, link arms with folks who are begging for their lives back from addiction, and remove obstacles to get them into substance abuse treatment facilities.

My day job is literally waging war against addiction. On a broader scale, my heart longs for people to know their freedom and live the shit out of it!

We get one shot at this. One shot at life. So whether you’re struggling with addiction (socially acceptable or not), trauma, battling anxiety & depression, eating disorders, gambling addictions, sex addictions, …


You battle yourself – performance, perfectionism, people-pleasing, etc.


You battle others – setting appropriate boundaries, fear of all kinds, codependency, etc…

I’m not afraid of your junk. Because … well … I got my own junk. You are safe here.

At you’ll find me talking about life on the front lines. I have the honor of working with a team of 10 Treatment Specialists. Those 10 people answer crisis calls all. day. long. as folks are reaching out for help with addiction. They work one on one with our clients. But I … I get to work one on one with the 10 directly, not to mention a ton of other incredible people that help make up the company I get to serve daily. The place is overflowing with redemption stories. With their permission, I write about their stories here.

You’ll also find content about my own battle with fear. Specifically in 2011 when I had suicidal ideations because of paralyzing anxiety and depression. Along with stories of pressing through debilitating fear that robs us of our joy and freedom.

As a follower of Jesus, submerged in church and christian culture for many years, I was grossly concerned with how unequipped and terrified I was when it came to working with real life issues outside of the church walls. You know – the places where Jesus would be found (according to scripture) are the places that scared me most. What if their mess rubs off on me? Um. Well, honey … are you saying you worship THE Jesus who touched the lepers? Because he wasn’t concerned about their mess getting on him. He was more concerned with His love getting on them. *Insert stunned, wide-eyed emoji*

I write about all that jazz. Questions for the church. Not to attack them – I love ’em … but genuine questions and concern in regards to how I think we may just be missing the mark.

The whole point? The pain, the fear, the addiction, whatever the hang up is – IT DOES NOT GET TO DEFINE YOU.

It is our pain that draws us together. The undercurrent of togetherness wrapped up in our pain. It’s the ‘me too’ moments that give us hope. Don’t get lost in your pain but don’t deny it either. We don’t omit the pain parts of our stories. It’s not our stumbling block, it’s our stepping stone.

So, join the discussions here. Read the blogs and comment. I want to know who you are. I want to know your story. I want to hear your struggles and victories. I want to hear where you are today.

I want to thank you in advance for being brave enough to emerge from the shadows – revealing you.

That’s enough.

You. You are enough.